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About Us

At Learn Vibrant, we represent passion for learning and challenging yourself.

We promote analytical thinking and curiosity. We offer the most ambitious math tutoring with personal approach.

We help high school students get better at math, while simultaneously developing confidence and independence.

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Pass & Skyrocket

Designed and recommended for students who are fed up with struggling with math and want to pass the class and skyrocket to the next level by making the biggest progress they have ever made.

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Designed and recommended for students who want to finally stop struggling and are ready to strive for more – B or higher, make the biggest progress they have ever made and start to enjoy learning math.

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100% Club

Designed and recommended for students who are already in the B range and want to get to the 90+% range.

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Does your child want to strive for more, have fun solving most challenging problems, understanding most difficult concepts, learning tricks and tips to get that extra edge?
In this program, extra credit is not extra – it's expected.

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Hire him immediately!! 🙂 Four years ago, after a switch to private school, we hired Amadeus to tutor our then 6th grader in math. (he was a year behind public vs. private school) My son immediately connected with Amadeus' calm demeanor, fun personality and patience. Slowly and with lots of encouragement, our son's confidence and test scores improved. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors! We continue to use Amadeus to this day, he is reliable, easy to work with and very talented.
Marybeth Nacey, San Jose, CA
You were great! I thought you did really well with my son despite the challenges. I liked your patience and encouragement that you provided. Your location and time flexibility also helped a lot. Thank you so much.
Keala Gaines, Cupertino, CA
Erica received her final grade for Algebra. She got a B!! We are so, so, excited. This tutoring worked wonders for Erica. A big thank you to you and especially to Daniela for helping Erica improve her grade! She was averaging a D!
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz, Oakland, CA
I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Himpax Tutoring provided to my daughter. All communications and appointments were reliable and punctual. Lita, the tutor was very professional. She presented the math material very clearly and concisely. My daughter seemed to enjoy the sessions too!
Nina Nielsen, Woodside, CA
I loved working with Daniela.
She is very patient and never rushed me.
She taught me useful tricks that helped me with factoring. If I didn’t understand something she took extra time to explain everything in a way that I could understand.
She is a great tutor and I would love to work with her again.
Jill-Anne Corrigan, Hayward, CA
My math tutor is super awesome! I had anxiety about getting started in my new college courses because I took a sabbatical. It wasn't until I started to prepare myself with Learn Vibrant's summer prep tutoring courses that I no longer have any regrets. After having regular practice and being under supportive and knowledgeable guidance, I am feeling confident that the challenges I once faced are no longer major obstacles after my preparation exercises.
Victoria Valles, Palo Alto, CA
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