Top 5 excuses that are preventing your child from reaching their full potential and how to get rid of them

Excuses lead to stagnation and disempowerment. Doesn't it sound hopeless when your child says “I don't have time for anything”? Wouldn't it feel terrible if you had no time to do important things? Especially if it happened over and over again. Fortunately, there is no such thing as “not having time.” Below, we analyzed [...]

My 6 most powerful realizations of 2016 and how you should use them to improve your child's learning attitude, habits and motivation

Always be learning As some of you might know, every time I succeed or fail I evaluate what I did and what I didn't do. I make changes and plan out the actions I will take next time around. Every time I have a realization, a breakthrough, experience a setback or learn a lesson, [...]

Help your child overcome their excuses and unleash their incredible learning potential in these 5 simple yet powerful steps

Does your child make excuses? Do they procrastinate? Do they come up with reasons why they didn't do what needed to be done? We've all been there, right? Or is it just me? :-) You have this big project due Friday but you don't even start it. You feel crappy about it, not sure how [...]

3 major ways to help your child improve academically even if you have 0 high school knowledge

Do you want to help your child improve academically? Do you feel responsible, as a parent, to have an impact on your child's education but you feel powerless because you have zero high school knowledge? I am here to tell you this: you hold the power to propel your child to a whole another level [...]

3 Powerful ways in which you can help reduce your child's anxiety and help them thrive even under pressure.

Have you ever praised your child for being smart or getting a good grade? Well, chances are you actually discouraged them. What? How come? Because talent is a fixed trait, an individual is either talented or they are not. Grade is the outcome, not the cause. Focusing on your child's grades gives them anxiety. Emphasizing [...]

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