We will help your child soar from below D to a B or higher, enjoy learning math and develop confidence, focus, self-reliance and proactive learning skills.

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We are so, so, excited. This tutoring worked wonders for Erica. A big thank you to you and especially to Daniela for helping Erica improve her grade!
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz, Oakland, algebra & geometry
Our daughter's grades were dropping dramatically and she really needed help to succeed in Geometry Honors. With the help of Amadeus she went from a D to a B. This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final.
Erika Lundblad, Milpitas, geometry & algebra 2
You were great! I thought you did really well with my son despite the challenges. I liked your patience and encouragement that you provided. Your location and time flexibility also helped a lot. Thank you so much.
Keala Gaines, Cupertino, algebra

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We help parents develop proactive, bold, enthusiastic learning culture within their families.
We help high school children bring out proactive, bold, enthusiastic learners within them.

We offer the most comprehensive, dedicated, vibrant tutoring in the world.

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  • Are you interested in the math tutoring service that helps your child go from below D to B or higher?
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  • Do you want your child to develop focus, self-reliance and more proactive learning skills?

If your answer is "yes" then I'm excited to tell you more about our 1-on-1 math tutoring program for math success: Soar.

Learn more about how we can help your child raise their grade, enjoy learning math and, in the process, develop organization, focus, self-reliance and proactive learning skills.

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