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  • gain confidence
  • get a B or higher
  • stop stressing out about math

Want to finally stop struggling with math? Are you ready to strive for more – B or higher? Are you ready to make the biggest progress you have ever made and start to enjoy learning math?

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Escalate is the only program specifically designed to help your child skyrocket their math skills AND become confident and independent in math.

Say bye to disappointments and stressing out about math. Watch your teen's grade soar to a B or higher.

If you're reading this right now, your child may have been struggling with math for a month, 6 months or even years. The reason for their math difficulties is not necessarily what they are currently covering in class.
Your child may be afraid of math – but what specifically are they afraid of?
They are afraid of being hopelessly lost, stuck, not knowing what to do, struggling with the same core fundamentals over and over.
This program will resolve all of these issues – and more!

Success Stories

You were great! I thought you did really well with my son despite the challenges. I liked your patience and encouragement that you provided. Your location and time flexibility also helped a lot. Thank you so much.
Keala Gaines, Cupertino, CA
Learn Vibrant improved my kids grades and made them more confident in their ability to do math.The tutoring service from Learn Vibrant is very effective. Very reliable. Gets results.The service provides exactly what my kids need.
William Warburton, Cupertino, CA
Erica received her final grade for Algebra. She got a B!! We are so, so, excited. This tutoring worked wonders for Erica. A big thank you to you and especially to Daniela for helping Erica improve her grade! She was averaging a D!
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz, Oakland, CA

How It Works

Stage 1 - Assessment & Design

We will thoroughly assess your teen's knowledge and skills crucial to achieve maximum learning benefits including: problem solving abilities, speed, analytical thinking, foundations, confidence, independence, self-reliance, curiosity.

Stage 2 - Foundational work

This is the stage where we resolve the underlying issues - the specific reasons why your child is struggling that we have found in stage 1 of the program.
Simultaneously, we will help your child keep up with the class material, homework and test prep.

Stage 3 - Strive

After resolving the underlying issues and deficiencies, your child will be ready to stop stressing out and take on the class with full force. This stage is focused on helping your teen to speed up, and gain independence and confidence in their solving abilities.

Stage 4 - Consistency for lasting transformation

By this stage of the program, your child will have strong math foundations and will have acquired confidence and self-reliance.
Now, we will focus on consistency. Your child has likely already skyrocketed their grade. Now, the key is to build the successful habits to make sure they apply what they have learned consistently.
We will reinforce and polish consistency and study habits for ultimate, lasting trasnformation.

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What You Get

Choose Your Transformation Package


$64 / hourmonthly
  • 1.5-hour thorough evaluation session
  • full program design and customization
  • 2 hours of tutoring per week
  • no hidden fees, no contract


$59 / hourmonthly
  • 1.5-hour thorough evaluation session
  • full program design and customization
  • 3 hours of tutoring per week
  • no hidden fees, no contract
  • 24/7 email support

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Amedeus is great! He is the first tutor that was able to help my son understand high school math, because of him my son was able to make up 2 classes in summer school and get him back on track, he shows tremendous patience and was able to relate with my 15 year old in a way that other tutors failed. He offers great value for what he brings to the table. I highly recommend him.
Andrew Coppolino, San Jose, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start without risk or commitment?

Of course! Before we begin, we need to ensure that you are a good fit for the program. Contact us to schedule a no-strings-attached FREE consultation.

Where do the sessions take place?

In your home. It is the most comfortable environment for your child, most conducive to learning.

How does the program begin?

The program begins with a thorough evaluation of your child's skills and knowledge and proficiency level, including fundamentals, solving abilities, analytical thinking, confidence and more.

Do you have your own curriculum?

We have our own fundamentals curriculum and a vast library of math problems we choose from to create a customized program for your child.
The other part of the tutoring is based on what your child does at school.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks and all major credit cards. We use PayPal to make transactions 100% safe.

How does scheduling work?

You will set up a weekly schedule that can be changed, according to your needs.
If your child has a football game, for example, you are free to reschedule the session on that day.

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