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Your teen is only 3 simple steps away from the greatest progress they have ever made in math.

Step 1: Have a FREE phone consultation with the owner of Learn Vibrant

Have a FREE no-pitch 15-min phone consultation.

What you will learn:
– the exact reason for your child’s math difficulties
– what steps you should take to help your child improve in math
– how we have helped other student in a similar situation and what results they have gotten
– what we can do to help your child improve in math

Step 2: Have a FREE in-person no-strings-attached evaluation session

What we will do during the consultation:
– you and your child will get a chance to meet us in person
– we will look through all your child’s math materials, notes, tests and quizzes and determine what is the best course of action to help your child reach their math goal in fastest and most efficient way possible
– your child and their tutor will get to know each other while working collaboratively on an evaluation worksheet designed to find your child’s strengths and weaknesses
– your child will be able to decide if they like the tutor and if they would like to work with them

Step 3: Start your child’s tutoring and watch them progress.

Begin your child’s tutoring with us and watch your child enjoy the best math progress he or she has ever made.
No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

Our clients enjoy:

Simple invoicing
You get a full outline of all the session dates. You know exactly what you pay for, every time.

Full transparency
You know exactly how many sessions your child will have and when.

No contracts
You cancel anytime.

Scheduling flexibility
We understand the busy, hectic life of families in the Bay Area. We know that you have to juggle sports, activities, clubs, work, family time and more.
We give you flexibility to reschedule or cancel sessions as needed. Our cancellation policy is very simple.

Consistency and predictability
We will schedule your child’s sessions for the same times and days every week, so you can fit your child’s tutoring into your busy schedule and have a routine that works.

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