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Remember All Your Child’s Struggles and Anxiety In Their Last Math Class?

Don’t let this happen again! Use your free summer time to get a headstart for your next math class without sacrificing summer freedom and fun. Help them prepare for the next math class and take it stress-free and with unshakeable confidence.

Amadeus is great! He is the first tutor that was able to help my son understand high school math, because of him my son was able to make up 2 classes in summer school and get him back on track, he shows tremendous patience and was able to relate with my 15 year old in a way that other tutors failed. He offers great value for what he brings to the table. I highly recommend him.
Drew Coppolino, Cupertino, CA
Our daughter’s grades were dropping dramatically and she really needed help to succeed in Geometry Honors. With the help of Amadeus she went from a D to a B. This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final.
Erika Lundblad, mom of a high school junior, Milpitas, CA

You are probably wondering:

“Who is this guy?”

Amadeus is an entrepreneur and educator.
He is the founder of Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring, education company from the Bay Area.

Amadeus helped hundreds of students – primarily high school students – skyrocket their math grades, SAT scores, prepare for placement tests, finals and more. Parents describe him as passionate, persistent, easy to work with and a great communicator.

He has 8 years of math tutoring and mentoring experience, and 13 year of competitive math experience.

Summer Headstart is NOT for you if…

  • You are taking summer math class and want to pass or do well – this program is not for summer math class.
  • You are looking for an intense program keeping your child busy for hours at a time, everyday.
  • You can’t commit to at least 2 hours a week of tutoring for at least 4 weeks.

Summer Headstart IS for you if…

  • You are looking for fully-customized head-start specifically for your math class.
  • If you want to make your child’s summer time productive but also keep it laid-back.
  • If you want your child to take their next class confident and strong.
  • You are willing to invest 2 hours / week in dedicated tutoring for at least 4 weeks.
  • Your child needs someone to guide them through the study process and lead them step by step.