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I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring provided to my daughter.
Nina Nielsen
Woodside High School
Erica received her final grade for Algebra. She got a B!! We are so, so, excited. This tutoring worked wonders for Erica.
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz
Oakland High School
Amadeus has been working with my three kids for two years now and I can say he is the best tutor ever!
Carola Vasquez-Rico
Gunn High School

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Parents In The Bay Area Love Our Tutoring!

We have worked with students from 26 schools in the Bay Area.

Our Students’ Results

102% in Algebra 2 Honors – Bellarmine College Prep

91% in AP Algebra2/Trig – Gunn High School

93% in Geometry – Cupertino High School

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